About Us

Our Mission

With a detail-oriented and well-planned approach, it is our mission to establish the strategies necessary to deliver projects on time and within budget.

Our Vision

Through innovative ideas and continuous support, our vision is to meet the needs of our clients in an ever-changing market. Our vision is a reflection of our core values: integrity, teamwork, and excellence.

Our Team 

Our team consists of highly qualified and esteemed professionals with over 25 years of global experience in Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management. 


Our team has worked across a wide spectrum of industries, including aluminum and magnesium smelters, iron ore processing plants, oil and aluminum refineries, lithium carbonate production, liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals, zinc and phosphate mines, and other mineral processing plants.

We have developed time-effective, results-oriented methods in delivering strategic projects, managing lump sum proposals, providing value improvement and cost reduction, offering capital cost estimates, presenting project reviews, and obtaining the proper governance for funding approvals.

Our Experience

Our strong leadership skills, dynamic management style, and dedication to flawless execution have been instrumental in delivering high quality, cost-effective projects to our clients.

We have gained significant experience working with local and international companies as referenced below.